• Achieve revenue. Accelerate actions to secure measurable results that generate ultimate beneficial owner value. Pay strict attention to financial elements.

  • Solve problems.  Be alert to early indicators of challenges and hurdles. Manage difficult situations, quickly evaluate options and make decisions.

  • Accelerate operational success.  Identify key strategies and focus all effort on tactics to achieve goals. Smartly invest in people (talent and motivation), process (simple and efficient), and technology (data-driven decision points). Understand and operate in agile mode.

  • Minimum Viable: When is 'good', good enough and when does it need to be 'kick-ass'. Incorporate repeatable, consistent and efficient processes, encourage and expect creativity. Fan of the 100-day plan, milestone check points, go/no-go decisions.

  • People First: Take care of your people and success will follow.

  • Core Values: Operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

  • Fail-Fast, Learn-Fast: Encourage risk taking, accelerate decisions, engage Agile thinking.

  • Customer Focus: They're not always right, but often they are, set expectations.

The Core

Business Critical


  • Be a visionary. Clearly paint a picture of what success looks like, generate excitement and creativity; stimulate an environment of one-vision, one-voice throughout the organization starting with the leaders.

  • Accountability: Own it and do it.

  • Exemplify character. Do the right thing the right way. Take actions and make decisions that translate to operating with honesty and integrity by avoiding corrupt practices, promoting transparency, and adhering to laws and financial best practices.

  • People: New talent fostered by the wisdom of experience, with the daring of the next great idea.

  • Technology: Don't be left out.​

Future Thinking


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