AmalfiCORE – The Business

AmalfiCORE, LLC, aka AmalfiCORE Business Solutions began in 2007 with the vision of making a positive difference in people’s business lives.

Since, then, we have helped universities, schools, municipalities, hospitals, manufacturers, energy sector firms, and small public and private businesses to be ready for the inevitable and be prepared for the future.

We identify and manage risk, build business continuity plans, streamline human resources, develop and deploy training programs, build resilient organizations, and take steps to evolve business and grow net worth.

Consultant Andrew Amalfitano and associates offers discounted services to non-profits and volunteer emergency response agencies.

AmalfiCORE – The People

AmalfiCORE is based in beautiful Boulder Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

President and principle consultant, Andrew M. Amalfitano is associated with a talented team of domain experts, together delivering business improvements across a wide variety of early and mid-stage organizations.

Andy Amalfitano was the Vice President of Global Operations at iCarnegie Global Learning, an international subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, where he was responsible for global customer management, P&L, contract negotiations, program management office, organization start-up and build-out, learning product development, risk management, and customer experience. Prior to that, Amalfitano worked over 25 years in the IT industry including roles as Senior Director of worldwide employee education at Sun Microsystems, and several leadership roles at StorageTek Corp. including Director of Global Learning, Senior Engineering Test Manager, and Reliability and Quality Assurance Manager.

Amalfitano has assisted company leaders to improve organizational practices, build teams, develop training, start up companies, ensure continuity of business, implement risk management, and streamline human resources for a variety of industries, including health care, education, manufacturing, energy sector, municipalities, and small to medium size firms.

Andy earned a Master of Science degree in Business Continuity Management from Norwich University, a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics both from Fairfield University.

Certifications include Associate Business Continuity Professional, Level I – Professional Continuity Practitioner.

Andy believes in the value of volunteerism and has contributed a significant portion of his adult life as a volunteer in many capacities and organizations. Andy actively participated in emergency services for over three decades providing leadership, change management, instruction of specialty search and rescue techniques and currently leads the Boulder Emergency Squad as volunteer president and chief.