Crisis Communications


  • How to prepare for crisis management.
  • Knowing what to say, who says it, how and when they say it.
  • Set up a Communication Center

Outcomes: Protect your brand, image, reputation; Take care of your people.

Change Management


  • Coaching leaders in preparing themselves and their organization for change.
  • Managing a change program successfully.

Outcomes: Avoid common pitfalls of change implementation, reduce anxiety and reach goals more timely.

Manage an Emergency


  • Create a stand alone response plan and/or align with Business Continuity Plan.
  • Immediate response to assist you with managing the emergency including first aid situations.
  • Create a ‘First Response’ Team

Outcomes: React appropriately, save lives, reduce suffering, protect property. Being self sufficient and knowing when to call for what type of help.

Global Operations


  • Actionable guidance on how to manage remote and global employees / staff.
  • Targeted process to interact and do business in non-US countries.

Outcomes: Improve morale and productivity, engage tools that augment success.