Business Process Improvement

Services: Team start up, project leadership, metrics development and reporting.

Outcomes: Transform an organization, nudge the team off high-center, build consistent, repeatable and measureable processes.

Corporate Assessment

Services: Identify and recommend improvements of the top 10 most critical issues in an organization.

Outcomes: Accelerate an action-oriented plan to implement effective changes that achieve business objectives.

Human Resources


  • Create an HR function with the minimum necessary elements and structure.
  • Coach/Mentor newly formed HR team or first time manager.
  • Provide intervention for one-time events and issue resolution.

Outcomes: Be in compliance and support cultural success.

Managing Volunteers


  • Coach and mentor volunteer leaders
  • Identify areas of improvement and offer recommendations to optimize culture, operational readiness, and service delivery.

Outcomes: Excite a team, build bench strength, and achieve goals.